Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Its exactly a year since we moved from this blog over to our Movable Type/Bloghouse site and to celebrate that anniversary... the blog has disappeared and we have lost all our material.

So apologies to those of you who were trying to reach us for the past day or two on the old site. We are still trying to work out exactly what has happened but it appears it is no coincidence that the disappearance happened exactly a year on. Bloghouse, who hosted the site, seem to have let their domain registration run out and all their sites have gone belly-up. Can the situation be retrieved? I have no idea at this stage but it doesn't look good. I'm sure there is a lesson here for bloggers........

So, what to do? Well until the situation is resolved we will have to blog here at our old home. Like an old house its rather dusty but the basics still work - we can post and it seems you can comment. However the links on the side are a year old and so several of them will be out of date and we will get round to fixing those sometime in the future if we have to stay here for a while.

If we can't get the bloghouse site up and running again we will have to make a decision about creating a new site. This has happened at the worst possible moment given some of the personal/work commitments myself and other regular bloggers have and so we have to take the easiest option which is this blog.

Don't pass this on to people yet as we are going to give Bloghouse some time to try and sort things out before we ask people to change their links.

Once again our apologies to regular readers and we hope normal service will be resumed soon. Somewhere...

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